Planning and Research

The Planning and Research group is responsible for the development of transportation plans, strategic plans, short range transit plans, area specific plans, and evaluation of fixed-route bus and rail transportation for SamTrans. Example past or current projects include: Comprehensive Access Programs, Comprehensive Operational Analysis, Short-Range Transit Plans, Regional Transportation Plan development, and Bicycle and Access Plans.

Programs and Projects

El Camino Real Bus Speed and Reliability Study

2015-2019 SamTrans Strategic Plan

SamTrans Short-Range Transit Plan

Bike Sharing Program

Coastside Transit Study

Dumbarton Rail Corridor

El Camino Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Phasing Plan

Ride Now Taxi Subsidy Pilot Program

Mobility Action Plan (MAP)

Mobility Plan for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

SamTrans Business Plan

SamTrans Fare Study

SamTrans Pacifica Microtransit Pilot

SamTrans Service Plan

Shuttle Business Practices

Shuttle Study

US-101 Express Bus Feasibility Study

Youth Mobility Plan

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