BRT Project Documents

Project documents are as follows:

SamTrans ECR BRT Phasing Study (PDF, 6.68 MB)

SamTrans ECR BRT Phasing Study Appendices (PDF, 13.5 MB)


BRT Industry Review (PDF, 1.84 MB)

Existing Conditions (PDF, 4.33 MB)

Future Conditions (PDF, 1.40 MB)

Proposed Evaluation Framework (PDF, 231 KB)

Initial Service Concept Development and Screening (PDF, 367 KB)

Rapid Stop Selection (PDF, 1.34 MB)

Truncated Rapid Stop Selection (PDF, 278 KB)

Hybrid Rapid Stop Selection (PDF, 417 KB)

Bus Lanes for BRT Scenario (PDF, 170 MB)

Operating Plan (PDF, 992 KB)

Operating and Maintenance Costs (PDF, 776 KB)

Capital Costs (PDF, 1.81 MB)

Ridership and Productivity (PDF, 749 KB)

Detailed 2020 Concept Evaluation (PDF, 516 KB)

Preferred Alternative (PDF, 414 KB)

Implementation Plan (PDF, 508 KB) 

Funding Strategies (PDF, 376 KB)

Existing Conditions (PDF, 4.33 MB)