Coastside Transit Study

Coastside Transit Study


SamTrans is conducting a study of bus service on the Coastside and assessing transit needs for the area. This study aims to evaluate current SamTrans service in Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, and other Coastside communities. The study will also evaluate potential demand for additional or modified bus service and potential service models. Findings from community engagement, as well as analysis of data sources, will inform the study. SamTrans will consider recommendations for bus service concepts that seek to maximize efficiency and provide the best service possible to meet the community's needs.

Study Update 

Thanks to all who attended one of our community meetings in April and to those who have submitted comments via the online comment form on this webpage.

We continue to collect community input to guide and inform the Coastside Transit Study. Over the next few months, we’ll use the findings of this outreach, as well as other data analysis, to develop a set of bus improvement concepts for the Coastside.

We plan to return to the coast in August to share these potential improvement concepts with you. In the meantime, please continue to spread the word about the Coastside study. Encourage your neighbors and friends to think consider and tell us what would lead them to use SamTrans. 

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Let us know your ideas for Coastside service HERE.