SSP Study Reports and Documents

Final Recommendations

  • Final Recommendations, anticipated adoption May 1, 2013 (PDF, 6.33MB)
  • Summary of Recommended Changes (PDF, 132KB)
  • SSP Final Recommendations Board Presentation (PDF, 5.03MB)
  • Title VI Equity Analysis of the SSP (PDF, 398KB); Appendices (PDF, 4.59MB)

  • Draft Final Plan Materials

  • Final Draft Plan Report REVISED 3/22/13 (5.95MB, PDF)
  • SamTrans March 2013 Board Presentation   English / Spanish (1.53MB, PDF)
  • Summary of Recommended Changes (132KB, PDF)

  • CEQA Compliance

  • NOI Negative Declaration (73KB, PDF)
  • DRAFT IS_ND (674KB ,PDF)

  • Public Outreach Presentations

  • El Granada - March 16, 2013 (656KB, PDF)
  • East Palo Alto - March 18, 2013 (976KB, PDF)
  • San Carlos - March 19, 2013 (2.59MB, PDF)
  • Brisbane - March 20, 2013 (1.26MB, PDF)

  • ARCHIVED Documents (2012)

    Public Outreach Materials

    October 6 Pacifica Presentation (download)
    Presentación del 6 de octubre en Pacifica en español (descargar)
    October 11 San Bruno Presentation (download)
    Presentación del 11 de octubre en San Bruno en español (descargar)
    October 13 Redwood City Presentation (download)
    Presentación del 13 de octubre en Redwood City en español (descargar)
    October 15 Half Moon Bay Presentation (download)
    October 15 - español (descargar)
    October 18 San Mateo Presentation (download)
    October 18 - español (descargar)
    October 23 Daly City Presentation (download)
    October 23 - español (descargar)
    October 24 East Palo Alto Presentation (download)
    October 24 - español (descargar)
    October 25 SamTrans Presentation (download)
    October 25 - español (descargar)
    November 1 South San Francisco Presentation (download)
    November 1 - español (descargar)

    Draft Plan Materials

    Draft SamTrans Service Plan Report (download)
    SamTrans August 2012 Board Presentation (download)
    SSP Draft Service Recomendations Factsheet (download)
    SSP Working Paper #1 – Market Assessment (download)
    SSP Working Paper #2 – System Overview and Service Evaluation
    SSP Working Paper #3 – Public Outreach Summary (download)
    SSP Working Paper #4 – Public Comment Summary (download)
    SamTrans March 2012 Board Presentation (download)

    Service Change Maps by Route

    Appendix B – General Overview (download)
    Route 14 (download) Route 16 (download) Route 17 (download)
    Route 24 (download) Route 35 (download) Route 36 (download)
    Route 38 (download) Route 43 (download) Route 46 (download)
    Route 53 (download) Route 54 (download) Route 55 (download)
    Route 58 (download) Route 72 (download) Route 73 (download)
    Route 83 (download) Route 85 (download) Route 110 (download)
    Route 112 (download) Route 118 (download) Route 120 (download)
    Route 121 (download) Route 122 (download) Route 123 (download)
    Route 130 (download) Route 131 (download) Route 132 (download)
    Route 133 (download) Route 140 (download) Route 141 (download)
    Route 250 (download) Route 251 (download) Route 252 (download)
    Route 260 (download) Route 262 (download) Route 270 (download)
    Route 271 (download) Route 272 (download) Route 274 (download)
    Route 275 (download) Route 280 (download) Route 281 (download)
    Route 292 (download) Route 294 (download) Route 295 (download)
    Route 296 (download) Route 297 (download) Route 359 (download)
    Route 397 (download) Route ECR (download) Route KX (download)

    City Profiles

    Atherton (download) Belmont (download) Brisbane (download)
    Burlingame (download) Coastside (download) Colma (download)
    Daly City (download) Daly City (Alternate) (download) East Palo Alto (download)
    Foster City (download) Hillsborough (download) Menlo Park (download)
    Millbrae (download) Pacifica (download) Portola Valley (download)
    Redwood City (download) San Bruno (download) San Carlos (download)
    San Mateo (download) South San Francisco (download) Woodside (download)

    Route Ridership Maps

    Route 14 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 16 Weekday (download)
    Route 17 Weekday (download)
    Route 24 Weekday (download)
    Route 35 Weekday (download)
    Route 36 Weekday (download)
    Route 38 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 43 Weekday (download)
    Route 46 Weekday (download)
    Route 53 Weekday (download)
    Route 54 Weekday (download)
    Route 55 Weekday (download)
    Route 58 Weekday (download)
    Route 72 Weekday (download)
    Route 73 Weekday (download)
    Route 83 Weekday (download)
    Route 85 Weekday (download)
    Route 110 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 112 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 118 Weekday (download)
    Route 120 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 121 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 122 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 123 Weekday (download)
    Route 130 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 132 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 133 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 140 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 141 Weekday (download)
    Route 250 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 251 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 260 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 262 Weekday (download)
    Route 270 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 271 Weekday (download)
    Route 274 Weekday (download), Saturday (download)
    Route 280 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 281 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 292 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 294 Weekday (download)
    Route 295 Weekday (download)
    Route 296 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 297 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 359 Weekday (download)
    Route 390 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 391 Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)
    Route 397 Weekday (download)
    Route KX Weekday (download), Saturday (download), Sunday (download)

    Archived Documents 2011

    SamTrans Service Scenario Factsheet (download)
    SamTrans November Workshop Presentation (download)
    SamTrans Presentación del Taller de Noviembre, En Español (descargar)
    SamTrans September Board Special Session Presentation (download)
    SamTrans September Board Presentation (download)
    SamTrans Service Plan Briefing Book (download)
    SamTrans Service Plan Fact Sheet (download)
    SamTrans June Board Meeting Presentation (download)
    SamTrans July Open House Presentation (download)
    SamTrans Bus Travel Patterns (download)
    Work and NonWork-Based Travel Patterns (download)
    San Mateo County Population and Employment Density (download)

    4/30/13 - dw/rjc