The Dumbarton Corridor

In August 2018, SamTrans entered into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement ("ENA") with Cross Bay Transit Partners ("CBTP"), a joint venture between Facebook and Plenary Group. Such agreements are commonly used by public agencies to jointly develop real property with a private partner. The execution of the ENA kicks off an 18-month process during which all parties will evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of a transit project in the corridor and refine the project design (including establishing connection points with other transit facilities and selecting appropriate technologies).

For more information visit the Dumbarton Rail Corridor project page.

SamTrans appreciates the robust stakeholder involvement that led to the 2017 Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study. In the coming months, CBTP, in coordination with SamTrans, will develop a comprehensive community outreach program to elicit stakeholder input and provide timely project updates. We anticipate that the team will launch the public outreach and environmental, technical and financial studies in early 2019. The community outreach program will be launched prior to the launch of the CEQA/NEPA process.

The program could include establishment of one or more advisory committees, social media and a project website, project mailing lists, and a telephone hotline. Community meetings will be held at locations that offer convenient access throughout the project area. CBTP will lead the public outreach program in coordination with SamTrans.

These major activities will occur during the 18-month period:

  • SamTrans and CBTP will assemble a team of industry-leading advisors to undertake a variety of technical studies including engineering, design and operations analyses.
  • SamTrans will be the State lead (certifying) agency of an Environmental Impact Report, to be completed according to state requirements (i.e., the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA").
  • In addition to the State CEQA requirement, the environmental document is subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”). The lead federal agency will be determined through consultation with the US Department of Transportation over the next few months. CBTP and its advisory team will work closely with SamTrans to identify and deliver all reports and studies required by CEQA and NEPA.
  • CBTP will concurrently undertake internal financial analysis to evaluate the economic viability of the project. The results of the technical studies will serve as key inputs to this analysis.

At the end of the ENA period, SamTrans and CBTP will jointly determine if the project is technically and financially feasible. Should project feasibility be confirmed, the next steps would focus on finalizing negotiations with all execution partners (in particular a design-builder and an operator) and finalizing the commercial agreements necessary to build, finance, and operate the project.

A preliminary project schedule (PDF) summarizes the steps above.