San Carlos Multi-Modal Transit Center


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San Carlos Station ADA and Depot Cafe Parking Update

On Monday, Jan. 8,
the ADA and Depot Cafe parking at the San Carlos Caltrain Station will be permanently closed to traffic due to the construction on the next phase of the San Carlos Transit Village.

ADA and Depot Cafe parking is available in the newly completed south lot located at El Camino Real and Cherry Street. Please enter the parking lot from El Camino and Olive Street. Please allow yourself extra time to meet your train.

The  southbound turn lane from El Camino Real to the Cherry Street parking lot entrance is expected to open Spring 2018.


Transit Village Construction Project Update at San Carlos Caltrain Station

Starting Monday, April 2, 2018, at 6 a.m., the entrance to the plaza area in front of the station depot off El Camino Real and San Carlos Avenue will be permanently closed to traffic, except for construction vehicles.

Passenger drop offs or pickups will NOT be allowed in this area. Please use the new Transit Center parking lot accessible from El Camino Real and Olive Street. Allow yourself extra time to meet your train.



The San Carlos Multi-Modal Transit Center Project (Transit Center) is located on the west side of the railroad corridor at the site of the existing San Carlos Caltrain Station.  The Transit Center project consists of transforming the existing San Carlos Caltrain Station parking lot into a multi-modal transit center that will better serve the community by improving safety and accessibility between SamTrans fixed route bus services, Caltrain commuter rail services, local shuttles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Transit Center project is part of the larger mixed-use transit-oriented development, the San Carlos Transit Village, which is a joint development between SamTrans and Prometheus Real Estate Group.  For information about the San Carlos Transit Village Project visit:

Upon project completion, the new Transit Center will increase parking, shuttle capacity and bus capacity at the station.  It will also consist of dedicated bus and shuttle layover areas, taxi waiting areas, a new kiss-and-ride, and vehicular access improvements. 


SamTrans is tentatively scheduled to begin construction on the Transit Center Project in late December 2016 and it is expected to last approximately 6 months. While a majority of the work will be completed during the day, in order to maintain regular vehicular traffic service along El Camino Real, some activities must be conducted during nights or weekend.

Community members may experience temporary, localized noise impacts during construction. Construction crews will use best management practices to reduce noise and other impacts to the community and SamTrans will notify community members well in advance about construction activities that could result in noise impacts. 

The existing parking area along the northbound El Camino Real between Olive and Cherry Streets will be removed to permit construction of the new sidewalk, curb and gutter.


In partnership with Prometheus Real Estate Group, SamTrans has participated in numerous community outreach events and meetings starting in 2012.  Outreach activities included several open houses, multiple presentations to community groups and commissions, and numerous presentations to the San Carlos Planning Commission and City Council.

SamTrans will continue to engage the public in multiple venues to provide more information and collect feedback about the project.

Nearby residents and businesses will be notified via mail about upcoming construction impacts. SamTrans will continue to work with the City of San Carlos and Prometheus Real Estate Group to build awareness about the project and its impacts.

Advertise and Award: September 2015 – November 2015
Pre-Construction/Site Clearance: January 2016 – February 2016
Construction: December 2016 – July 2017

San Carlos Planning Commission Presentation January 2016

San Carlos Transit Center Community Notice - Mailed 12/19/16

For additional questions or concerns regarding this project, please call our dedicated Construction Outreach Line at 650-508-7726 or email us at For questions about Caltrain service, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-660-4287.

For more information on the San Carlos Transit Village Project developed by Prometheus Real Estate Group, please email them at or contact them by phone at 650-931-3496.

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