- Signed an agreement with Facebook to launch the Dumbarton Corridor Study.
- Displayed a special art exhibit at the Peninsula Museum of Art for school children that participated in the 2016 "Art Takes a Bus Ride Contest."
- Launched online sales for Summer Youth Pass.
- Offered all day free rides on the ECR and Route 294 buses for annual "Dump the Pump" Day.

- Implemented the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.
- Hired new GM/CEO Jim Hartnett to lead the Transit District.
- Partnered with local veterans' organizations on public transit initiatives.
- Brought back the SamTrans Bus Roadeo after a seven year absence.


- Implemented systemwide service changes as part of the SamTrans Service Plan.  Improvements included increased frequency on a number of core routes.
- Redesigned all bus stop signs and added information for accessing real-time departures.
- Installed a new bus stop at the Devil's Slide trail head.
- Celebrated the 10th anniversary of "Art Takes a Bus Ride" contest for students.

- Purchased its first fleet of hybrid buses (25), which were manufactured by Gillig across the bay in Hayward.
- Combined mainline Routes 390 and 391 into Route ECR, which travels from Palo Alto to Daly City.  The route operates every 15 minutes on weekdays.  Weekend service, which was introduced last year, operates every 20 minutes.
- Added SamTrans route locations and times to Google Maps.
- Graduated the largest class of bus operators in SamTrans history: 27

- Replaced paper Monthly passes with regional Clipper card
- Introduced a Day Pass, which allows customers unlimited rides all day for a single fare
- Introduced weekend Route ECR, providing 20-minute service along El Camino Real between Palo Alto and Daly City

- Started accepting Clipper, a regional fare card
- Began community outreach to get feedback on its SamTrans Service Plan about possible changes to bus service
- Took first step into the social networking world with the creation of a SamTrans Youth Facebook page dedicated to helping teen riders

- Routes KX, 292, 391 and 397 will move to the Transbay Temporary Terminal at Howard and Main streets to allow for construction of the new Transbay Transit Center
- Route 17 service is extended to the Linda Mar Park and Ride lot in Pacifica on weekends and holidays

- Started the Mobility Ambassador Program, which introduces seniors and people with disabilities to the wide variety of transit options available in the county
- Increased ridership on Route 17 almost 23 percent to 8,323 people during January compared to the previous January

- Partnered with Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo to sponsor Holiday Bus
- Replaced first of 204 passengers shelters with contemporary, solar-powered, lighted shelters with advertising

- Named Employer of the Year by Northern California Chapter of the conference of Minority Transportation Officials
- Extended service on Coastside Routes 14 and 110 as part of a grant-funded pilot program

- Debuted the first Holiday Bus.
- Passed an ordinance to prohibit smoking in its bus shelters and at bus stops

- Marked 50th anniversary of Rosa Park’s act of civil disobedience by reserving the front seat on all SamTrans buses in her honor Dec. 1
- Sponsored “Art Takes a Bus Ride” contest for all students

- Received First Place AdWheel Award from the American Public Transportation Association for a campaign to boost bus token sales
- Adjusted 14 routes to bring service into better alignment with demand

- Aligned bus service to serve the new South San Francisco, San Bruno and Millbrae BART stations
- Repowered 137 buses to lower their emissions and extend their service life

- Purchased 55 new 60-foot articulated buses
- Established the District’s’ first full-time Transit Police staff through a contract with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

- Introduced free community shuttles to employment and shopping centers.
- Offered overnight service for the first time (Route 397)

- Started new Coastside service: Route 17

- Reorganized bus system to make it more efficient, adding service where there was highest demand.
- Renamed all routes.

- Earned the Peninsula Emergency Services Association’s V. Fitzgerald Award for outstanding emergency service project

- Partnered with BART on extension to San Francisco International Airport

- Opened Colma BART Station/SamTrans Transit Center

- Set a 49ers football service ridership record to a single game: 10,566.
- Began exterior bus advertising

- Implemented express route between Daly City BART Station and San Francisco International Airport

- Became fully wheelchair accessible with purchase of 133 new replacement buses
- Continued expansion of Redi-Wheels program with the purchase of 19 new replacement buses and expanded service hours

- Provided approximately 25 percent of the capital costs for the construction of the Colma BART station
- Became managing partner for Caltrain

- Purchased the Caltrain right of way, San Francisco to San Jose, with the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

- Opened the District’s largest park and ride lot (814 spaces) in Daly City
- Provided extra buses on its mainline and transbay routes after the Loma Prieta earthquake

- Named managing agency of the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, which administers the voter-approved half cent sales for transportation improvements

- Introduced seven monthly unlimited-ride passes.

- Formed unique fare stabilization plan for Southern Pacific rail riders. This plan ultimately led to SamTrans joining Caltrain, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and Muni in a long-term agreement with Southern Pacific for Caltrain rail service.

- Began offering service for customers with mobility impairments through its Redi-Wheels paratransit program.

- Consolidated 11 municipal bus systems into the San Mateo County Transit District, commonly known as SamTrans

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