Real Riders Tell the Real Story – SamTrans is the Way to Go

Real Riders Tell the Real Story – SamTrans is the Way to Go

Four SamTrans customers are the stars of a new advertising campaign designed to recruit new riders by telling the public about the benefits of riding transit from a rider’s point of view. The customers represent just a few of the people who responded to a request for testimonials via the bus agency’s website.

People were asked to complete a brief survey describing why they like to ride the bus. “We wanted to know why people ride and what they think about SamTrans,” said Marketing Manager Patrick Boland. “There’s no more convincing testimony than from real riders.”

The four people who were selected for the campaign are being featured in larger-than-life-size ads on the outside of SamTrans buses, in a series of print ads in newspapers and on posters inside bus shelters.

The ads feature a color photo of the rider, with a SamTrans bus in the background and a catchy title for the type of rider they represent. The rider explains, in his or her own words, why he or she likes to take the bus.

Fiscal Minded: Margaret, an accounting assistant who usually rides her bike to work, likes to take Route KX to San Francisco International Airport. She said, “I have even modified my flight plans so that I can take the KX.” The bus serves a stop outside the baggage claim area at Terminal 1, on the center island at Terminal 2, and two stops on either end of the International Terminal. “There is no way to the airport that is easier or cheaper than SamTrans.”

Student: Eric, a San Mateo high school student who takes the bus to and from school, said “I also like the regional connections that I can make at the Hillsdale Shopping Center.” SamTrans bus stops are located near the Hillsdale Caltrain Station. Eric uses a Monthly Youth Pass, which gives him a substantial discount over the cash fare.

Green Commuter: Somnath uses SamTrans to get to work. He takes Route 359 from Foster City to the Millbrae Transit Center where he catches a shuttle to his job as an Information Technology consultant. “I like taking SamTrans because it gets me there on time and I can read the newspaper instead of negotiating busy Highway 101,” said Somnath. “But the best thing about SamTrans is that it helps the environment.”

Social Butterfly: Hilary, a Pacifica high school senior takes SamTrans Route 121 to and from school every day. She also takes SamTrans to see friends, to the mall or to see a movie. Hilary will be going to college in the fall and “I won’t have a car up there so I plan to take public transportation.”

The local campaign supports a nationwide effort to tell the story of public transportation’s many benefits in new ways to even wider audiences.

Media Contact: Christine Dunn, 650-508-6238