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At SamTrans we are committed to keeping our riders informed. As part of that commitment we are active on a number of social media platforms. Here is the complete list:

TwitterTwitter - Service updates, upcoming events and general information.

Facebook Facebook - Service information, special events, photos and general information.

New Instagram logo Instagram - Sharing photos from around San Mateo County. Nextdoor - Community notices for residents of San Mateo County.

YouTube YouTube - SamTrans channel.

TikTok logo TikTok  - SamTrans videos on TikTok.

Wordpress Peninsula Moves! Blog - In-depth coverage of events around the San Mateo Co. Transit District.

Newsletter Caltrain Newsletter - Quarterly updates, news and articles in your inbox.

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A Note on Interacting with SamTrans on Social Media

The SamTrans social media accounts are intended for hosting a courteous exchange of information and discussion. Your opinions and ideas are welcome. Please be respectful to others while participating and stay on-topic. Obscene, hateful, baseless attacks, unsupported accusations or otherwise defamatory comments, posting of advertisements, copyrighted materials or personal attacks are not permitted. Posts and comments that don’t follow these guidelines, or which are otherwise disruptive, may be permanently removed at SamTrans' discretion. 

Links, mentions or other interactions don’t imply endorsements. SamTrans isn’t liable for any injury to any person or property resulting from posted comments. Your participation is at your own will and risk, and you assume personal responsibility for your comments, username or any other information provided, and consequences thereof.