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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

It is the intent of the San Mateo County Transit District (District) to use its purchasing power to support the sustainability goals in its Strategic Plan, as well as its Sustainability Program by implementing and institutionalizing a sustainability policy. By incorporating environmental considerations into its purchasing process, the District intends to achieve four goals:

  1. reduce the adverse environmental impact of its operations;
  2. influence its vendors to emphasize sustainability in their operations, products and services;
  3. support the market for recycled and environmentally-preferable goods; and
  4. realize cost savings resulting from better utilization of resources. 

This Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) Policy, a key component of the District’s Sustainability Policy, provides that the District will purchase Environmentally Preferable Products and Services provided that they are: (1) available within a reasonable time frame; (2) cost-effective; and (3) perform to the requirements of the District’s intended use. This EPP Policy will augment, not replace, the procurement policy and practices of the District.

Accordingly, in response to this solicitation, respondents shall complete:  (1) Product or Service Environmental Attribute Checklist; (2) Sustainable Corporate Program Survey; and (3) an estimate of the lifecycle costs, when requested and where practicable.  

10/22/15 - ms-rjc