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#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 4-18-14

The Earth Day photo scavenger hunt has produced over 80 great photos, here's one (winners announced later). @SamTrans_News #11.SamTrans ticket or pass. Most of my old passes & a Caltrain
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 4-18-2014

This image is part of our Earth Day 2014 photo scavenger hunt. This is item #11, SamTrans pass or ticket. The colors got it the #SamTransIG honors. Thanks to @r3thplate
SamTrans Supports Cap-And-Trade Transportation Funding Plan

The San Mateo County Transit District applauds a proposal released today by California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg because it would support the operation and expansion of public transportation
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 4-11-2014

Nah, with a maintenance team like ours, you can't break SamTrans. I broke the samtrans bus.. 😭 @extercey — G Σ R Δ L D I Π Σ (@gswervee) April
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 4-11-2014

This shot is from our #EarthDay2014 Sustainable Scavenger Hunt photo contest. This is item #1 on the list, "Selfie on SamTrans." Big thanks to @badging_guy for playing along!
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 4-4-14

This week's #SamTransIG is from a well-known transit photographer who goes by @metrotransitarchives . One of our 60-foot 2002 NABI artics shot in front of the Transbay Terminal. No. 138 is
#SamTrans tweets of the Week 4-4-2014

This week marked the end of an era as SamTrans board member Art Lloyd called it quits after 26 years with SamTrans, and a career in transit. The kindest person
SamTrans/Caltrain Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, SamTrans and Caltrain are inviting people to participate in an environmental scavenger hunt. The virtual scavenger hunt asks people to submit photos, either
SamTrans’ Mobility Ambassador Program Seeking Volunteers

SamTrans Mobility Ambassador Program is seeking volunteers to help older adults maintain their independence and stay connected to their communities.  Since 2010, volunteer Mobility Ambassadors have taught more than 600
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 3-28-14

It's the SamTrans Way. @SamTrans_News train your bus drivers very well. I appreciate you providing all of us with safe, reliable public transportation. — Anthony Fernandez (@afernandez6184) March 27, 2014
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 3-28-14

SamTrans bus emerges from the fog. Thnx to @sweetmiz for the cool shot.
SamTrans Installs New Bus Stop at Devil’s Slide Trail Head

Beginning tomorrow, with the opening of the Devil’s Slide Coastal Trail, SamTrans riders can take Route 17 to new bus stops at the trail’s head, located at the south end
SamTrans’ Day Pass a Great Fare For Passengers With Multiple Connections

SamTrans passengers who usually ride three buses or more during their regular commute are being encouraged to purchase the bus agency’s Day Pass, a recently-reduced fare that allows customers to
SamTrans Service Changes Showing Success

Major changes to SamTrans’ mainline service are showing signs of success, attracting new riders in significant numbers. In August 2012, two weekend El Camino Real routes, 390 and 391, were
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 3-14-2014

Massively inspirational human, Maya Angelou, honored for transit job. Maya Angelou was the first African-American woman to work as a cable car conductor in SF SO MUCH AWESOME. #fb
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 3-14-2014

The party continues for Operator of the Year, Nelson, who shows off his ad card. His badge number is also featured on the @SamTrans_News Twitter account. And another winning shot
Bloom into the Spring Season by Taking Transit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

What better way is there to celebrate the start of springthan by taking transit to the San FranciscoFlower and Garden Show in San Mateo next week? The annual event, which
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 3-7-2014

Stanford Football had a message for maintenance employee of the year, James. Congrats & keep it up, James! MT @SamTrans_News : Congrats to Employee of Year & @StanfordFball fan James Esqueda.
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 3-7-2014

Anyone who has spent time on a bus has felt the hypnotic pull of the passing landscape beyond the window. Thnx to our fellow transit agency @foothilltransit for this little
SamTrans Announces Safety Awards

Whether navigating the congested roads of the Peninsula, or carefully examining the undercarriage of a bus, the operators and maintenance workers of SamTrans compiled exemplary safety performances in 2013. Last
SamTrans Announces Operator and Maintenance Employees of the Year

James Esqueda, a 21-year veteran with SamTrans’ maintenance department and bus operator Nelson Arguilla, a 19-year employee, have been named the agency’s 2013 Employees of the Year. SamTrans annually recognizes
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 2-28-2014

For the die hard Instagram users clouds are considered rookie stuff. Apparently because the images always turn out awesome. Like this image from @clemzlenzez . Her lenzez have an eye for
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 2-28-2014

SamTrans LIFE! Samtrans, Caltrain, and Bart is literally my life. — Nick Reyes (@Itsniiiiiick) February 28, 2014 Wow, that does look like a pleasant ride. Coast side @samTrans bus ride.
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 2-21-14

Sleep well, our SamTrans prince. Falling asleep on Samtrans once again 😭 — mav (@Mavrico_Suave) February 20, 2014 Join us Saturday! @GoSamTrans is hosting a fun "Behind-the-Scenes" Open House Party tomorrow!
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 2-21-2014

A black and white shot adds a mood to the everyday of a bus ride. Thnx to @austtteez
SamTrans Launches Sponsorship Program for Annual Student Art Contest

To mark the 10 th anniversary of Art Takes a Bus Ride , SamTrans’ annual student art competition, the transit district is launching a unique sponsorship program. For the first time,
SamTrans to Open Its Doors to the Public Feb. 22

SamTrans will open its doors to the public from 11 2 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 22 for a behind-the-scenes look at the transit agency’s bus operations.  The open house kicks
SamTrans Seek Volunteers For Its Citizens Advisory Committee

Public members interested in providing input on local transit programs are encouraged to volunteer for the SamTrans Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The 15-member CAC meets monthly and is responsible for
San Mateo County Transit District to Participate in Transform Summit

Transform, a regional transportation advocacy organization, will hold its second annual “Let’s Get Moving Silicon Valley” summit on Saturday. The conference will take place at the Avenidas Senior Center in
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 2-14-2014

Passenger luv. Samtrans luv — TATI (@OHMyNameTati) February 13, 2014 Glad you like it! I just rode the samtrans shuttle bus for the first time!! SOOO SICKKKKK😁 — Emily❤️Parker❤️Gunn (@Emilyy_Gunn_TW)
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 2-14-2014

Sometimes the photo is about who's behind the shot, in this case, Joel. He's an avid SamTrans photographer. Thnx for the shot @joeltheSFguy . Although he doesn't get picked every week,
SamTrans, Caltrain To Adjust Schedules For Presidents Day Holiday

Caltrain will operate on a modified schedule consisting of 44 trains for the Presidents Day Holiday on Monday, Feb. 17. SamTrans will operate a regular, non-school day schedule for the
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 2-7-14

There is no ghost-riding the SamTrans whip. The new whip 2014 Samtrans Route 57 with red & blue racing stripes #Maaaad #MakeRoomForMyShine #turbo #Vtec #JDM — Miguel del Rosario
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 2-7-14

A SamTrans skateboard! So cool. Thanks to @visibledamage .
SamTrans To Open Its Doors To The Public On Feb. 22

What: SamTrans is hosting an open house on Feb. 22 to offer customers and the public a behind–the-scenes look at how service is delivered. The event will begin at the
New SamTrans Service Launch May Be Challenging

SamTrans on Sunday will roll out a series of sweeping, system-wide changes that may present challenges to some new and continuing customers.  Many of those changes include welcome service improvements
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 1-24-2014

SFO Secrets, tonight on History Channel. @ayanonagon Any SFO secrets? Mine: walk to BART through the parking garage, check for samTrans KX, San Bruno exit better then cellphone lot —
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 1-24-2014

Maybe it was the banana, or maybe the "Arrrgh," but this is our winner. Thnx to @rivatuona .
Upcoming SamTrans Service Changes Include New Route to SFO

Beginning Jan. 26, travelers and airport employees will have a new transit option to connect them to the San Francisco International Airport, courtesy of a re-alignment of SamTrans’ Route 140
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 1-17-2014

Ah, the ol' 1L. I miss muni. Reminds me of my middle school days when I took three different buses just to get home. The N. The 28. And the
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 1-17-14

SamTrans operators are bidding for routes this week in preparation for the Jan. 26 SamTrans service changes. Sweeping route changes coming soon!
SamTrans Prepares To ‘Try New Things’ As Part of New Service Roll Out

SamTrans will launch a set of innovative pilot programs, combining fixed-route transit schedules with on-call features, in San Carlos and Pacifica this month. As part of its SamTrans Service Plan
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 1-10-14

New SamTrans bus stop signs rolling off the printer. Via @blazex408x
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 1-10-14

Yeah, get out more, on SamTrans. Maybe I wouldn't be so dumb about samtrans, bart, streets, & THE CITY I LIVE IN, if my parents let me out more often.
Transit District Board Elects New Officers

The San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors elected new officers at its meeting today. Vice Chair Jeff Gee was elected chair and Shirley Harris was elected vice chair,
Free Shuttle Service in Daly City’s Bayshore Community Starts Today

Residents of the Bayshore community in Daly City are celebrating the launch of a free shuttle service, which connects locals to vital resources like hospitals, grocery stores, clinics and pharmacies. 
SamTrans Pilots Reduced Day Pass Pricing

New fare changes designed to increase ridership on SamTrans took effect this week.  Approved in October by the SamTrans Board of Directors, the following fare changes were implemented beginning Jan.
SamTrans Rolls Out Sweeping Changes As Part Of SSP

SamTrans is preparing to launch the most comprehensive host of service changes the agency has undertaken in more than a decade beginning Jan. 26, 2014. The changes are the result
District Employees Give Back During the Holidays and Throughout the Year

As we begin the new year, the San Mateo County Transit District, which manages Caltrain, SamTrans and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, is reflecting with pride on its employees
#SamTrans Tweets of the Year 2013

We have had a bunch of fun reading all the tweets over the last year. We want to thank all of you for riding SamTrans and for having a little
SamTrans Instagram of the Year 2013

This shot is just a beautiful shot of a plane, a bus and a sunrise. It's our 2013 Instagram of the Year. Photo by @kimspeier
SamTrans to Offer Free Service on New Year’s Eve; Sunday Schedule on New Year’s Day

Partygoers can forsake their cars on New Year’s Eve and rely on the designated driving of SamTrans, which will be offering free service on the big night. Starting at 8
Eliminate Those Holiday Driving Blues to the Airport by Taking Public Transit

Skip the bumper-to-bumper airport traffic and avoid parking hassles this season by leaving the driving to SamTrans or Caltrain. Public transit for holiday travelers to the San Francisco or San
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 12-20

Hopefully we can get your homie driver back soon. Whoa, a new 132 Samtrans bus driver 😳 it still feels like I'm commuting to work, but I miss my homie bus
Caltrain and SamTrans To Adjust Schedule for Christmas Holiday

Caltrain and SamTrans will operate the following service for the Christmas holiday: Christmas Eve, Tuesday, Dec. 24 Caltrain will operate a regular weekday schedule of 92 trains. SamTrans will run
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 12-13

We raised him. It's not easy having three bus routes as parents. s/o the 250, 390, & 391 #samtrans buses y'all helped raise me.. — miguel (@fooelzwhoelse) December 8, 2013
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 12-13

"I'm pretty sure #samtrans isn't ready for what's about to happen. #fieldtrip" - That's quite a group! Thanks to @MissDezirae for the great photo.
Students Invited to Enter Annual SamTrans Art Contest

Every day, SamTrans passengers can view the scenery of San Mateo County—from the San Bruno Mountains to the San Francisco Bay. Soon, they’ll be able to see those same sights,
Transit District Goes Digital with Annual Holiday Greeting Card

The San Mateo County Transit District, which manages Caltrain, SamTrans and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, is celebrating the holiday season in an eco-friendly way by once again producing
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 12-6

Holiday passion from our very own Tasha B! Come see the SamTrans holiday bus in the RWC parade this Saturday, Dec. 7! — Tasha Bartholomew (@tashbart) December 5, 2013
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 12-6

One of our own operators showing off his excitement at driving one of our new Hybrids.
Grand Boulevard Progress Report Highlights ECR Improvements

The Grand Boulevard Initiative (GBI), a unique coalition of public agencies and organizations working to reinvent El Camino Real, has released a comprehensive report on improvements to the Peninsula’s “Main
SamTrans New Hybrid Buses Hit The Road

The first batch of SamTrans’ new energy-efficient hybrid buses, which will reduce emissions and provide a smoother ride, are set to make their debut this week. Earlier this year, SamTrans’
SamTrans to “Roll” in Redwood City Parade Dec. 7

A glittering SamTrans bus, specially decorated for the holidays, together with the popular SamTrans mini-bus, will participate in Redwood City’s annual Hometown Holiday’s Parade Saturday, Dec. 7.    SamTrans employees and
Caltrain and SamTrans to Adjust Schedules for Thanksgiving Holiday

Caltrain and SamTrans will operate on a Sunday schedule Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28. Caltrain will run a Saturday schedule on the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest shopping day of
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 11-22

You should totally come back, we've got this new ECR thing, Hybrids coming. It's crazy! I Miss Taking Samtrans And Taking Bart. — LOST BOY PENNY (@TheRadiantMakk) November 22, 2013
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 11-15

An amazing day for the Bay and one tough superkid. Cutest and sweetest superhero Gotham has ever seen! We love you #SFBatkid ! — Make-A-Wish Bay Area (@SFWish) November 15,
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 11-15

Sunset at a SamTrans stop. Thanks to @ravingpshycho for the shot.
Take Transit To The San Mateo Harvest Festival This Weekend

Find a creative way to attend the 2013 San Mateo Harvest Festival – Original Arts & Crafts Show by taking Caltrain or SamTrans to the event this week. The festival will
SamTrans Salutes Veterans

Monday, Nov. 11, SamTrans will honor veterans by running a special message on all its buses acknowledging the holiday and the contributions of its employees and customers who have served
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 11-8

Repeat winner @transitmonkee snapped this shot of the new Hybrid bus. Great shot!
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 11-8

Our #1 fan. @SamTrans_News Nice!! Love them hybrid buses!!! — Sam Gonzalez (@samlovesdemi198) November 5, 2013 Yeah, you know, lookin' at a little BRT. RT @svtransitusers @CTMag1 : Faster #SamTrans on
Progress Reports: SamTrans and Caltrain “By the Numbers”

The SamTrans and Caltrain progress reports are now available for review and downloading on the agencies’ websites: and .   The reports give a broad overview of the two
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 11-1

A true hero, restoring faith from behind the wheel. Some of us are teary-eyed from NewDay's #GoodStuff about hero Buffalo bus driver #DarnellBarton . #NewDay #CNN — Team CNN (@TeamCNN)
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 11-1

A symetrical shot of the palm trees at Palo Alto transit center. Thanks to @acceballos23 for the shot (multiple IG of the week winner).
Emergency Preparedness Drill to be Conducted Nov. 2

Caltrain and SamTrans will conduct an emergency preparedness drill on the train tracks behind Costco in Redwood City on Saturday, Nov. 2. The exercise will be held from 7:30 a.m.
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 10-25

It is 'more fun' on SamTrans. @paandicorns singing on samtrans is funner — boado, christiana (@chwisti) October 25, 2013 A surprising amount of reaction to BRT. Getting ready to embark
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 10-25

Have we defined our parrot fare structure? Thanks to IGer @danielaray .
SamTrans Holds Meetings to Discuss Bus Rapid Transit Study Options

SamTrans will hold a series of public meetings over the next two months to gather comments and discuss a study that will consider the possibility of Bus Rapid Transit service
SamTrans Designates October As Disabilities Awareness Month

Reaffirming its commitment to providing high quality service to all passengers while also highlighting the challenges facing persons with mobility impairments, SamTrans has declared October “Disabilities Awareness Month.” By recognizing
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 10-18

Well, it's technically our ride, but glad you're happy about it. @Caltrain_News @daveychoi @SamTrans_News THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!! The KX is my ride! — Landon Conver (@LandonConover) October
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 10-18

A glamour shot of one of our 60-foot artics, with cat-like agility too. What a beauty!
SamTrans and Caltrain Service in the Event of a BART Strike

A BART strike will increase demand on public transportation. Commuters are encouraged, if possible, to use alternatives such as carpools, flexible hours or tele-commuting. In the event of a BART
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 10-4

Thanks for choosing SamTrans for your baby moving needs. takin my bbies out on a lil Samtrans adventure..:-):-):-) — SilorahSuilolo (@ChubbaLolo) October 3, 2013 Keep texting, we'll be by again
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 10-4

Thanks to Instagram user licho_77 for this awesome shot from Sequoia Station in Redwood City.
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 9-27

You're welcome! Riding #samtrans direct bus, san mateo to Palo Alto #caltrain #chocopocalyse . Thanks kind samtrans Driver! — Erin Craig (@erinishuman) September 26, 2013 Der Bier Festenzie schwillingsteinenmeizerleitz! BACON &
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 9-27

Rain breaks up the vibrant colors of a SamTrans bus. Thanks to @magathachristie  for the great shot.
Headed to the San Mateo Wine Walk? Let SamTrans and Caltrain Do the Driving

One of San Mateo’s most popular and longest-running events will return on Saturday, Oct. 5, when the Downtown San Mateo Association hosts its 17th annual Wine Walk. Festival-goers attending the
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 9-20

Buses are not good at hide-and-seek. Thanks to @malenamadness637
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 9-20

SamTrans is heart healthy and supports the American Heart Association. Just finished walking 1 mile for #heartwalk . #SamTrans no 1 fundraiser in County. — Christine Dunn (@VtownCommuter) September 18, 2013
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 9-13

"There's nothing more real than riding the bus." - Def Bound Keeping it real with @lilwaaang on samtrans B) — Eric (Ra)mi(re)z (@NotEricRamirez) September 12, 2013 Let's Connect, Redwood City! Proud
NEWS: SamTrans Seek Community Volunteers For Its Citizens Advisory Committee

SamTrans Seek Community Volunteers For Its Citizens Advisory Committee SamTrans is seeking volunteers for its 15-members Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The 15-member CAC meets monthly and is responsible for providing
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 9-13

Blue skies and palm trees help to frame this shot of a SamTrans bus, by @joelthesfguy .
Connect Redwood City Launches Today

The San Mateo County Transit District and their project partners officially launched Connect, Redwood City! today, highlighting transportation solutions for those who live and work in Redwood City.  The program
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 9-6

A great job by our team to make these schedules omnipresent. Something for Everyone - @SamTrans_News Schedule Info Available in Wide Variety of Formats — Mass Transit (@MassTransitmag) September 6,
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 9-6

Vibrant and colorful sun rays explode past a new ECR sign. Former Instagram of the Week winner @jagustin85 snapped this great shot.
Something for Everyone - SamTrans Schedule Info Available in Wide Variety of Formats

Anyone who has taken a bus ride lately will notice that public transportation has embraced modern technology and SamTrans is no exception. Accessing SamTrans schedules is easier than ever before
Caltrain/SamTrans to Operate Sunday Schedule for Labor Day

Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2, SamTrans and Caltrain will operate Sunday schedules.   Caltrain will operate 28 trains between San Francisco and San Jose plus four weekend Baby Bullets. Train service
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 8-30

Former Instagram of the week winner @studoogie captures buses in the "Tilt-Shift" photogrpahy style. Studoogie was kind enough to tell us what that is. The style makes things appear miniturized.
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 8-30

Always here to help! Forever grateful for Muni, Muni metro, Bart, SamTrans, & Caltrain 💘 — Jackie Cakmak (@_jaaaacks) August 28, 2013 The great Bay Area Bike Share is underway! Today's
Grand Boulevard Initiative Partners Roll Out ECR Pedestrian Upgrade

SamTrans and the City of Millbrae are providing pedestrians with a safe, new crossing on El Camino Real to reach the Caltrain/BART Intermodal Station.  The new signal, combined with landscape
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 8-23

We are glad you have "SamTrans lovin" but we love it when you don't put your feet on the seats. Samtrans lovin — TATI (@OHMyNameTati) August 23, 2013 A
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 8-23

A gorgeous (multimodal) sunrise over SamTrans' North Base. Photo by @kimspeier
NEWS: SamTrans To Hold Public Hearing On Proposed Fare Changes

SamTrans will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to its codified tariff at the bus agency’s Board of Directors meeting Sept. 4 at 2 p.m.. The codified tariff is
NEWS: Streamlined SamTrans School Service Will Benefit Peninsula Students

School is once again back in session and SamTrans is making service improvements that will make it easier for some Peninsula students to use SamTrans to get to school.  As
SamTrans New ECR Finishes First Week of Service

Route ECR is wrapping its first week of weekday service, serving stops up and down El Camino Real between Daly City and Palo Alto. The new weekday route streamlines service
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 8-16

Instagrammer and bus enthusiast @joelthesfguy  caught our Art Takes a Bus Ride bus in the wild. Thanks for keeping an eye out!
Media Event: SamTrans Celebrates ECR with Ceremonial 'Changing of the Headsign'

WHAT:  SamTrans will gather with community partners to celebrate the successful launch of the new ECR service earlier this week.  Route ECR began operation on Aug. 12 and has already
SamTrans New ECR Rolls Out Today; Improves Frequency and Reliability

Route ECR, SamTrans first major service upgrade in more than a decade, hits the streets this morning serving stops up and down El Camino Real between Daly City and Palo
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 8-9

SamTrans, improving your Caltrain commute. So after a brief samtrans bus ride from the San Carlos #caltrain station to the Redwood City #caltrain station, I'm back in the train. —
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 8-9

There's something about this beauty shot that caught our eye. Thanks to @jeromesmith24 for the great shot of 296.
Take Public Transit to the 2013 Burlingame ArtzFest

Leave your car behind and take public transit to the Burlingame ArtzFest on Aug. 10 and 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in downtown Burlingame. Along with a variety
Media Advisory: SamTrans Launches New Service Aug. 12

WHAT:  B eginning Aug. 12, SamTrans will launch the ECR, a new route on the El Camino Real corridor that will be easier for riders to understand, more reliable, more
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 8-2

We've got you covered this week. Free shuttle from Daly City and Colma to SF (if they strike). . @SamTrans_News Any chance you could extend ECR into SF in event of
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 8-2

Here's a glamour shot of one of our buses. Taken by transit documentarian @metrotransitarchives . He does great work, check him out.
SamTrans and Caltrain Service in the Event of a BART Strike

A BART strike will increase demand on public transportation. Commuters are encouraged, if possible, to use alternatives such as carpools, flexible hours or tele-commuting. In the event of a BART
SamTrans To Hold Meetings About Proposed Changes to Codified Tariff

SamTrans will hold a series of public meetings in August to discuss proposed changes to the bus agency’s codified tariff, the board approved document that sets its fare policy.  Any
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week - 7-26

A little Pinterest love for our "It's All About People" campaign. It's Pinterest Friday. Join #SamTrans this weekend. No driving involved! — We Get Around! (@WeGetAroundSD) July 26, 2013
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 7-26

"SamTrans totes my tots," according to IGer @butterflylips23. These two didn't even want to get off the bus! Thanks for sharing!
SamTrans Poised to Graduate Largest Ever Bus Operators’ Class

The largest bus operator training class in SamTrans history is poised to graduate next month, just in time to implement a new set of service improvements that will streamline the
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week - 7-19

Hope you didn't miss your stop. @Dr_Phinn I woke up in a samtrans bus lol — Zephan Parangan-Chu (@zephpikachu) July 19, 2013 We're still here if you need a lift.
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 7-19

Sometimes there are Instagram images that transcend the concept of "pictures of a bus" and take us into the realm of art. This image by previous winner @jagustin85 captures the
SamTrans Rolls Out Major El Camino Service Upgrades Beginning Aug. 12

SamTrans is reinventing the way it provides service to customers along the system’s “backbone,” El Camino Real.  Beginning Aug. 12, weekday customers will be able to take advantage of Route
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week - 7-12

Awww. We ❤ our riders too. Every moment I'm falling in ❤ w/ Samtrans Bus system. — Marquetta Sarsour (@marquettap) July 2, 2013 Waiting for the bus is part of the gig, but
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 7-12

We got Yarnbombed by IGer @knitsforlife . This shot made our day.
SamTrans Launches “It’s All About People” Campaign

Great customer service is at the core of SamTrans’ values.  And it takes great people to provide great customer service for the Transit District’s many riders who rely on SamTrans
SamTrans To Hold Focus Group Meetings As Part Of Outreach Plan

SamTrans is seeking customer and community participation to help develop a plan for future outreach efforts.    The outreach plan is being developed in compliance with Title VI of the Civil
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week - 6-28

What, no bike? I have used more public transportation today than ever before - Caltrain, muni, SamTrans....walked #exhausted ! — sam christie (@samechristie) June 27, 2013 Please sir, may I have another
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 6-28

The great colors in this photo caught our eye and the plane made it a curiously interesting photo. Shot by @transitmonkee Follow SamTrans on Instagram @samtrans_news .
SamTrans and Caltrain Service in the Event of a BART Strike

SamTrans and Caltrain riders are advised to expect delays and crowds in the event of a BART strike. Commuters are encouraged, if possible, to use alternatives such as carpools, flexible
SamTrans Releases “How to Ride” Video

Every weekday, more than 40,000 riders use SamTrans to get to work, school, medical appointments or to shop and run errands. Taking public transportation offers many advantages over driving – people
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 6.21

Caltrain and SamTrans Partner on Gas Pump Dumping Break-Up Party

It takes your money and never says thank you. It’s always running out on you. It always takes and when it gives, it never lasts. Isn’t it time you broke
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 6-14

And what do you plan to do with this bus? It's not a 'no,' but just curious. I should call samtrans and tell them I need to borrow a bus
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 6-14

Instagram user @karla_miller snapped a shadow of our logo while waiting for her bus. Thanks for the great shot!
SamTrans Service Changes Begin June 16

June 16, SamTrans will change seven bus routes to improve on-time performance and better serve customers. The changes also reflect seasonal adjustments due to reduced demand for service near schools on
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 6-7

Dump the Pump for SamTrans!! Who are you going home with tonight? #LaterPump… — Shweta Bhatnagar (@Shweta1777) June 7, 2013 Well, your mom probably doesn't have a spare 36
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 6-7

Instagrammer @preciousbythebay snapped a nice photo of our Art Takes a Ride bus, covered with drawings by children from San Mateo County. Thanks for the shot!
Take SamTrans and Caltrain to the County Fair

Fairgoers can join SamTrans for fun and information at the San Mateo County Fair Monday, June 10 from noon until 5:30 p.m. Look for the SamTrans booth near Fiesta Hall
Don’t Miss the Bus – Purchase Your SamTrans Summer Youth Pass Now

The deeply discounted SamTrans Summer Youth Pass , which lets kids ride SamTrans all summer long for just 40, is still available.   The pass teaches kids how to use public
Instagram SamTrans Image of the Week - 5-31

SamTrans rider and IGer @zeasmith has her bus riding gear (headphones, Starbucks) in place and ready for her trip. Thanks for the shot!
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 5-31

A little nod to our "SamTrans Way" documentary. All of the things you wanted to know about SamTrans but never asked.… Yay Peninsula public transpo. — Max A. Cherney
Transit District Launches Blog To Talk Transit Issues

Transportation is one of the few issues that affects everyone on some level. To provide more information and keep the public more fully informed about this critical part of our
SamTrans Celebrates "Bus Life" with Video Documentary

“The SamTrans Way.” It’s a central theme running through everything the District does to put a safe, reliable, dependable service on the street every day. It’s not a slogan. It’s
Ride SamTrans, Caltrain to Sunset Celebration Weekend

Help preserve the western life-style exemplified by Sunset Magazine by taking SamTrans or Caltrain to the annual Sunset Celebration Weekend at the magazine headquarters in Menlo Park Saturday, June 1
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 5-24

Get those kids out of the house this summer! 2013 SamTrans Summer Youth Pass is back!: San Mateo County youth can “Get Out and Ride” this summer with the 2013.
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 5-24

IGer @acceballos23 captured the interior of a SamTrans bus with a warm glow. Thanks for the shot!
SamTrans and Caltrain to Operate Sunday Schedule for Memorial Day

SamTrans and Caltrain will operate on Sunday schedules on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. Caltrain will operate 32 trains between San Francisco and San Jose including four weekend Baby Bullets.
Instagram SamTrans Image of the Week - 5-17

In this week's Instagram we see the SamTrans fleet at dawn, ready for another day of service. Thanks to IGer @clemzlenzez
Get Out and Ride with SamTrans Summer Youth Pass

Kids can have unlimited access to SamTrans bus service all summer long for just 40 with the SamTrans Summer Youth Pass.   The pass offers kids the freedom to get
Take Transit to Do-It-Yourself Faire May 18 & 19

Creative, resourceful people can take transit to the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Event Center May 18 & 19. The two-day, family-friendly festival of invention and resourcefulness will
Plan Your Trip on SamTrans with Google Maps

As San Mateo County’s public transportation provider, SamTrans is always looking for ways to provide better service to its current customers and to attract new riders. SamTrans’ recent partnership with
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 5-10

SamTrans helps get commuters past a particularly rough commute. Today's commute with @ caltrain , @ bart and @ samtrans shows the resiliency of bay area workers. — Masoud Sharbiani (@ssgtmas) May 10, 2013
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 5-10

This week's Instagram comes from IGer @jagustin85 and captures a familiar SamTrans bus stop sign backlit by the sun and shot with a fish-eye lens style.
Every Day is Bike to Work Day on SamTrans and Caltrain

May 9, thousands of Bay Area bicyclists will participate in Bike to Work Day , an annual event to encourage riding a bike to work. But at SamTrans and Caltrain, every
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 5-3

Wow, the Beatles of transit... y otro TOTW para @bilbeny Samtrans, MUNI, Caltrain y BART. Los Beatles de mi transportación. <3 — Mario Valle (@bilbeny) May 2, 2013 We ride
SamTrans Instagram of the Week - 5-3

SamTrans gives you WINGS! A cool design by Instagram user @efalumps . Thanks for the sweet bus design! 
Student Art Takes a Bus Ride Contest Winners Announced

  Photo credit: James Namba, 2013 SamTrans announced the winners of the annual county-wide student art competition, Art Takes a Bus Ride at its regular board meeting.  The winning entries
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 12-20
A gorgeous sunrise over North Base. Thanks to IGer @TransitMonkee.
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 11-22
Love the blues in this photo. Yet another win for the always talented @transitmonkee .
SamTrans Introduces First Hybrid Bus
SamTrans’ first hybrid bus made its debut today at the transit district’s board meeting.  The energy-efficient buses, the first in the SamTrans fleet, produce fewer emissions and use less fuel
#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 8-16
There's good news on El Camino every day now! There's good news on El Camino Real today: SamTrans is stepping up its service between Daly City and Palo Alto....
SamTrans Instagram of the Week 6.21

#SamTrans Tweets of the Week 5-17
A fan of the KX, why thank you sir! @ mikesonn Fan of @ samtrans_news KX esp when it's trundling down the 101 #letsgo — cuong t. (@PedalingCuong) May 16, 2013 Community