Codified Tariff

The Codified Tariff is a legal document that outlines the specific fares for the bus system.  For fare adjustments, SamTrans will seek public comment on proposed changes and hold a public hearing.  Any changes to the Codified Tariff are approved by the SamTrans Board of Directors at a public meeting.

Codified Tariff  - effective 12/5/18  (PDF, 160KB) 

Codified Tariff  - effective 8/5/18  (PDF, 151KB) 

Codified Tariff - effective 1/1/16 (PDF, 434KB) 

Codified Tariff - effective 7/1/15 (PDF, 280KB) 

Fare Policy
SamTrans fare policy is a collection of principles that orient fare-related decisions to a set of strategic goals, which are typically outlined in a guiding document, such as a strategic plan. A fare structure (Codified Tariff) is the collection of various fare products for sale and their prices. Transit agencies seek to align their fare structures with their established fare policies. The SamTrans Fare Policy is intended to assist the San Mateo County Transit District (District) in balancing several competing priorities when considering changes to the existing fare structure, in a way that is consistent with the SamTrans Strategic Plan.

SamTrans Fare Policy (PDF, 147KB) - adopted on Jan 9, 2019

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