Group Travel

SamTrans is a great way to travel to fun destinations. 

To ensure a smooth trip, please let us know about your travel plans by filling out the Travel Notification Form (MS Excelpdf) and e-mailing it to or fax to 650-508-7919 within nine business days before your trip.  For assistance with trip planning such as stops, routes and times, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-660-4287. 

You may save time, effort and money by purchasing your fares in advance.  Bulk purchases (minimum of 25 fares) are available and offer a 20% discount off the cash fare.  Please be aware that group travel refers only to the initial bulk purchase of tickets.

All travel takes place on regular SamTrans routes so seating is not guaranteed.  For your convenience, we recommend traveling in groups of 10 or less.

Rules for use of Bulk Purchases

  • A minimum of 25 fares must be purchased
  • Bulk purchases and travel notifications don’t guarantee seats as trips take place on regular SamTrans routes
  • The Travel Notification Form must be submitted at least nine business days before your travel date.
  • There are no exchanges or refunds.
  • SamTrans doesn't offer transfers so you must have fare each time you board.

For more information about your bulk purchase, e-mail your questions to our Market Development office.


9/23/16  maw