Art Takes a Bus Ride

SamTrans, in partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Education, is excited to be a part of the 13th Annual Art Takes a Bus Ride contest.

Art Takes a Bus Ride gives 1st -6th graders a chance to have their artwork displayed on the side of a SamTrans bus for an entire year! The student art also will be displayed on ad cards inside SamTrans buses. Art Takes a Bus Ride engages students in their community and keeps art in the classroom. 

This year's contest theme is The Magic of SamTrans.  Submissions are due Feb. 24, 2017 and the winning entries will be revealed at the SamTrans Board Meeting on May, 3 2014. 

Contest Flyers and Entry Forms:

2017 Art Takes a Bus Ride Flyer
2017 Art Takes a Bus Ride Entry Form

2016 Art Bus Photo 2 

 We are proud to present the winning entries from previous years for your enjoyment.

2016 Winning Entries (PDF, 18.5MB)
2015 Winning Entries (PDF, 813KB)
2014 Winning Entries (PDF, 2.1MB)
2013 Winning Entries (PDF, 1MB) 
2012 Winning Entries(PDF, 430KB)
2011 Winning Entries (PDF, 454KB) 
2010 Winning Entries (PDF, 1.33MB) 
2009 Winning Entries (PDF, 1.13MB) 
2008 Winning Entries (PDF, 1.60KB) 
2007 Winning Entries (PDF, 988KB) 
2006 Winning Entries (PDF, 575KB) 
2005 Winning Entries (PDF, 766KB)

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