Step 3: Paying Your Fare

1. Planning Your Trip > 2. Boarding the Bus > 3. Paying Your fare > 4. Taking a Seat > 5. Arriving at Your Desination

Paying Your Fare
SamTrans accepts cash, tokens, tickets and the Clipper Card.

When inserting your fare into the farebox, use flat bills and drop coins one at-a-time to prevent jamming. If you insert more than the price of the fare, the farebox will issue a Change Card that can be used on future bus rides (Note: Change cards expire one year from date of issue and are non-refundable). For more tips and farebox information, click here

SamTrans offers a variety of fare products including Day passes, discounted tokens, ticket packages and Monthly passes. Youth, seniors, persons with disabilities and Medicare cardholders also receive a discount.

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