Shuttle Business Practices

As of November 2011, over 40 shuttles operate in San Mateo County including both commuter and community shuttles. Shuttles are operated, maintained, and funded by a variety of different entities and stakeholders. While the overall shuttle program is very strong and generates significant ridership, services have been developed without a consistent approach and opportunity exists to potentially improve coordination and management practices.

The San Mateo County Shuttle Business Practices Guidebook and Development Report seek to identify strategies and frameworks to more effectively and efficiently manage San Mateo County’s shuttle business practices over the next three to five years.



Shuttle Business Practices Guidebook Development Report (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Shuttle Business Practices Guidebook (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Over the course of the last year, representatives from the Alliance, C/CAG, the Transportation Authority and SamTrans convened a Task Force to conduct a Shuttle Business Practices Study. One of the goals as we approached this project was to identify areas where the efforts of the four agencies could be streamlined, collaboration could be increased and roles better identified. We are pleased to have completed our initial efforts and to acknowledge that our efforts to date are already seeing results. C/CAG and the TA are working on a joint call for projects in March and the Alliance and SamTrans are discussing the possibility of a joint RFP for shuttle service, all a direct result of this work. We also want to acknowledge that Guidebook and supporting information are living documents that will continue to be developed an assessed by the Steering Committee and that the various boards will be asked to approve specific issues as necessary.


Please contact any of the Task Force members should you need additional assistance. For TA or SamTrans, that is Aidan Hughes at