About SamTrans

The San Mateo County Transit District is the administrative body for the principal public transit and transportation programs in San Mateo County: SamTrans bus service, including Redi-Wheels & RediCoast paratransit service, Caltrain commuter rail and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority .  Caltrain and the TA have contracted with the District to serve as their managing agency, under the direction of their appointed boards.

District Information - The District is a mobility leader, providing transportation choices and a sustainable future that meets the needs of our diverse communities.

Bus Operations Information - Bus fleet makeup, ridership, survey results and Employees of the Month.

News - Read the latest news releases from the Office of Public Affairs.

Board of Directors - The SamTrans Board consists of a cross section of representatives from throughout San Mateo County.

Citizens Advisory Committee - Representatives from various segments of the community and acts in an advisory capacity to the SamTrans policy board.

Doing Business - Information on how to bid for contracts, advertise on the bus or in bus shelters, and how to apply for permits to film on SamTrans property.

Finance - Annual budgets, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and Quarterly Capital Program Status Reports.

Jobs - Career opportunites at the San Mateo County Transit District.

Contact Us - How to get in touch with SamTrans.