Measure W Citizens Oversight Committee (COC)

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2021 Members  Representing  Initial Term Expires Jan
Vacant  SamTrans Citizens Advisory Committee 2023
 Lauren Bennett  Private Sector Employer 2022
 Adrian Brandt  Caltrain Citizens Advisory Committee (San Mateo county) 2023
 Rosanne Foust, Chair  County Supervisor District 4 2023
 Eduardo (Lalo) Gonzalez  County Supervisor District 5 2023
 Rich Hedges  County Supervisor District 2 2022
 Sandra Lang   Senior Community 2023
 Adina Levin  County Supervisor District 3 2024
 Jeff Londer  Environmental or Sustainability Organizations 2024
 Alex Madrid  People with Disabilities 2023
 Ethan Mizzi  Youth and Youth Transit Riders 2022
 Liza Normandy  County Supervisor District 1 2022
 Mario Rendon  TA Citizens Advisory Committee 2024
 Malcolm Robinson  C/CAG BPAC 2024
 Julie Lind Rupp, Vice Chair  Organized Labor 2022

The San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) Measure W Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) was formed in accordance with the passage of Measure W.

The committee will oversee administration of Measure W to ensure that tax proceeds are invested in a way that is consistent with the Measure’s Congestion Relief Plan. The committee is composed of 15 volunteer representatives from various segments of the community and acts in an advisory capacity to the SamTrans Board of Directors.

The COC meets on a quarterly basis. All meetings are open to the public. Comments to the committee may be submitted to


COC By-Laws


Fiscal Year 2020 Report of the Measure W Citizens’ Oversight Committee