2020 Fare Changes

The SamTrans Fare Structure changes, implemented January 1, 2020, are described below:

Table 1: SamTrans Local Service Fare

Fare Category Before January 1, 2020 After January 1, 2020
Cash Adult: $2.25

Youth & ED: $1.10
No Changes
Transfers No free transfers Free transfer between local SamTrans routes within two hours of single-ride purchase when using Clipper or the SamTrans Mobile App. Fare upgrade will be required when transferring to Express Route.
Day Pass Adult: $5.50

Youth & ED: $2.75
Adult: $4.50

Youth & ED: $2.00
Out of SF Fare Adult: $4.00 Eliminated. Routes 292, 397 and 398 out of San Francisco will be charged Local Fare. See table below for Express route fare.
Change Cards Customers are given change cards for overpaid fares. Through March 31, 2020, customers will be reminded to pay with exact change. Starting April 1, 2020, change cards will not be issued. All valid change cards previously issued will be accepted through March 31, 2021. 
Tokens (pack of 10) Adult: $18 ($1.80 per trip) / Youth & ED: $10.00 ($1.00 per trip) Tokens will be replaced with Tickets and the associated discount will be discontinued: Adult: $22.50 ($2.25 per token) / Youth & ED: $11.00 ($1.10 per token)

Table 2a: SamTrans Express Service Fare (Clipper)

Express Fares (Clipper) Base Fare Local + Express Monthly Pass Local Base Fare & Monthly Pass to Express Upgrade Charge Express to Local Transfer Outside Agency to Express Upgrade Charge**
Adult $4.00 $130.00 $1.95 Free $1.95
Youth/ED $2.00 n/a $1.00 Free $1.00

** AC Transit and Dumbarton Express 31-day Ticket, Caltrain 2-Zone Monthly Pass & VTA Monthly Pass holders only.

Table 2b: SamTrans Express Service Fare (Cash & Mobile)

Express Fares (Cash & Mobile) Base Fare Local Day Pass to Express Upgrade Charge Express to Local*
Adult $4.50 $2.25 Free
Youth/ED $2.25 $1.00 Free

* Express to Local transfer using paying with mobile ticketing app.

View the Board adopted Fare Structure (formerly known as Codified Tariff) here: samtrans.com/FareStructure.

View the updated 2020 Fare Chart here: samtrans.com/2020farechart.

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