Riding Together: Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

Riding Together: Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

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SamTrans has partnered with other Bay Area transit agencies to develop common commitments and expectations for employees and passengers. From this work, we developed Riding Together—Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan to align the region’s public transportation providers around transit-related health and safety standards.

The Healthy Transit Plan was developed using information from local, state, national and international public health experts.

The plan calls for face coverings, physical distancing and hand washing, and recommends riders minimize talking onboard. Additionally, it recommends expanded cleaning and disinfecting practices, as well as maximizing fresh air on board.

Like other transit systems throughout the region, SamTrans reports data to demonstrate compliance with the Healthy Transit Plan.

The Healthy Transit Plan is a living document and will be updated as conditions change.



We continue exploring the newest products and technologies to most effectively ventilate and circulate fresh air through our vehicles.

Fresh air enters our vehicles as doors are frequently opened and closed to allow for passengers to board or exit.


Staff Protocols

Temperature checks (e.g. thermal scanners) at facilities upon check-in. Providing educational materials on proper health measures. Supplies provided to staff (e.g. masks, hand sanitizers). Installation of operator barrier onboard buses.



SamTrans cleans all buses daily with spray foggers to keep passengers and staff safe.

Use of EPA-approved cleaning solutions (e.g. electro-static foggers) on high-touch parts of vehicles, facilities.

Face Covering 

Face Coverings

SamTrans requires passengers to wear a face covering when riding or waiting for the bus, in accordance with public health guidance. SamTrans operators will provide a complimentary face covering for passengers without.

Field supervisors available to provide necessary resources and assistance. Tracking compliance.

Physical Distancing 

Physical Distancing

Passengers are encouraged to practice physical distancing. SamTrans bus operators will monitor the number of passengers on the bus. If a bus reaches capacity, the Operator will inform those waiting at a bus stop that a standby vehicle is on the way.

Enforcing physical (social) distancing no less than six feet.


Fare Collection

Customers may use contactless payment methods like Clipper or the SamTrans Mobile app. Cash is still accepted on board.


Customer Service

Tracking complaints regarding lack of mask usage as we seek continuous improvements with our services.

Please check timetables for current information or call Customer Service: 1-800-660-4287 (7am to 7pm, weekdays; 8am to 5pm weekends).

The Customer Service window (1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos) is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. Visit Clipper Card to set up autoload. 

See Official Press Releases RESOLUTION NO. 2020-37 

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March 13, 2020

Media Contact: Tasha Bartholomew, 650-508-7927