Using a Mobility Device

All SamTrans buses will transport any size wheelchair that can be safely accommodated on the lift and in the bus.


Remove poles or flags attached to your mobility device before boarding.

If you need to use the lift or the ramp, the bus operator will ask you to board the bus before any other passengers. When you arrive at your stop, the operator will help you off the bus after other passengers.

When using a lift while in a wheelchair, it is recommended that you back onto the lift platform. Lock your brakes to prevent rolling while the lift is in operation. Once the device is secure, the operator will raise the lift until it is level with the bus floor.

When using a ramp in a wheelchair, it is recommended that you face forward.

When boarding a lift or ramp with an EPAMD, it is recommended that you face forward.

Seating Area

The first forward-facing seats on either side of the bus fold up to allow room for mobility devices.

Securing a Mobility Device

You must allow the bus operator to secure your mobility device. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act states that if your mobility device cannot be secured, you may still ride the bus.


SamTrans buses are equipped with retractable belts to secure mobility devices, making it easy for bus operators to quickly secure them. All buses also have a lap belt (or lap and shoulder belt) to secure the passenger.

Two-wheeled Mobility Devices

Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, including Segways, are permitted to board if they are no larger than 20 inches deep, 25 inches wide and 60 inches high. The EPAMD must be "off" at all times during boarding and transport. You may push or pull the EPAMD onto the ramp or lift when boarding or deboarding. The bus operator cannot assist with moving the EPAMD. You may accompany but not ride the EPAMD on the lift, holding the hand rail for support. You may need to lower your head to clear the entrance. In the vehicle, position your EPAMD in one of the two securement positions available for mobility devices. The operator will secure the EPAMD. Sit in the closest available seat.

You may be asked to remove your handlebar bag to facilitate securement of the EPAMD.

EPAMDs with attachments that exceed the above dimensions won't be allowed on the bus.

Back-up Service

SamTrans bus operators are required to test the lift or ramp to make sure it is working properly before starting their route.

If the lift fails to operate when the bus is in service, the bus operator will call the dispatcher to determine when the next bus is scheduled to arrive. If the bus will arrive within 30 minutes and the weather is good and/or there is a bus shelter you can wait in, the operator will ask you to wait for the next bus. Otherwise, the dispatcher will send a paratransit vehicle to transport you.

Download the "SamTrans for People with Disabilities" pamphlet HERE.