How to Ride

Welcome aboard, SamTrans! Riding the bus in San Mateo County is easy, here are the five steps you need to know:

SamTrans travels throughout San Mateo County and into parts of San Francisco and Palo Alto.

  • Use the Trip Planner near the top of the homepage, under the round buttons, to get Google Maps directions.

  • Explore routes by clicking on the Schedules & Maps tab link at the top left on every page, where you will find a list of all SamTrans routes, and shuttles with stops. Click on the route name and you will get to the route page with its schedule, PDF and live map.

For trip planning help, call 1-800-660-4287. For hearing impaired call 1-650-508-6448

Be at the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. As the bus approaches, check the electronic sign on the front or side of the bus to verify the route number and destination. Please stand back from the curb, allow the bus to come to a complete stop, have your fare ready, and allow passengers to get off the bus before you board.

Riding with a disability?

Riding with a mobility device?

SamTrans accepts Clipper, cash (exact change only), SamTrans Mobile app, and paper tickets.

SamTrans offers a variety of fare products including:

  • Single Ride Tickets
  • Day Passes
  • Monthly Passes

Using the Farebox: When inserting your fare into the farebox, use flat bills and drop coins one at a time to prevent jamming. Learn more about SamTrans Fareboxes.

The seats in the front, nearest the bus operator, are designated for seniors and people with disabilities. If you choose to sit in them, please move if someone who needs them boards the bus. For safety, always remain seated or hold onto the bars or straps when the bus is moving.

Pull the yellow cord or press the touch bar near the window to signal the bus operator that you want to get off at the next bus stop before your stop to allow the operator enough time to pull over safely.​

The bus will only stop at designated bus stops.

Our buses feature the latest safety and comfort advances in public transportation and are equipped with security cameras. Major intersections and transfer locations are automatically announced.

Helpful Rider Tips