Exterior Bus Advertising

Looking for a new way to get your message to your target market?  Try advertising on the side of a SamTrans bus.  Buses travel throughout San Mateo County and into parts of San Francisco and Palo Alto.  If you're interested in advertising on bus, please contact Brad Staten at Lamar Transit, 916-724-5218 or  Information on the services Lamar offers also is available at

Lamar Transit 
Exterior bus advertisement specification sheet (PDF, 2.7MB)

Bus Shelter Advertising

SamTrans also offers prime advertising space in nearly 100 contemporary bus shelters.  The shelters are in key locations affording many impressions of your ad. If you're interested in advertising in a shelter, please contact Rob Shilling at Outfront Media, 510-559-1133 or

Note: All exterior bus and shelter ads and interior adcards must comply with the SamTrans Advertising Policy.  Download policy HERE  (PDF, 33KB)

Interior Adcards

SamTrans places adcards in its buses in support of non-profit organizations wanting to make customers aware of important issues.  SamTrans also partners with some sponsors as a way to increase ridership to various venues and events.

Fill out the online Adcard Placement Request form HERE

Non-profit agencies that want to advertise a public service announcement may request space to display interior adcards on SamTrans buses. The non-profit agency is responsible for producing the adcards. Links to the SamTrans advertising policy and request form are provided above.

SamTrans also may participate in cross-promotional advertising with companies or venues located near its service.

Adcards will be posted for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. All cards are recycled after their run. There is a $50 posting fee required before posting. Detachments or tear-aways are not permitted on the cards. All adcard copy and design must be approved by the SamTrans Market Research & Development Department prior to printing.

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