Free 2-Hour Transfers

Passengers using Clipper card or SamTrans Mobile now get a Free 2-Hour Transfer when traveling between any local (non-express) routes*

How to transfer using a Clipper card

  1. Tag the Clipper card against the reader when paying your initial fare. This will initiate the two-hour transfer window.
  2. Tag each time you transfer to ride for free.
  3. The Clipper card reader will display "TRANSFER OK" upon use of transfer.

How to transfer using SamTrans Mobile App

*Transferring from a local route to an express route are subject to an upgrade charge. See the Fare Chart to determine your upgrade charge.

  1. Purchase a Local Ride ticket on the app.
  2. When boarding the bus, activate the ticket.
  3. The ticket is valid for the full two-hours transfer period.
  4. Present activated mobile ticket to operator when transferring to another route.