Group Travel

SamTrans is a great way to travel to fun destinations.

All travel takes place on regular scheduled SamTrans routes. Some routes and times get busy, so if traveling in a group of ten or more you may need to split up and wait for the next scheduled bus. If you're traveling in a large group or your group must travel together, we recommend finding alternative transportation.

Please note:

  • Travel notifications don’t guarantee seats as trips take place on regular SamTrans routes.
  • Travel plans must be submitted at least nine business days before your travel date.
  • There are no exchanges or refunds.
  • SamTrans doesn't offer transfers.

There are no discounts for Group Sales.  Eligible Discount, Youth and Adult ticket packages are available at SamTrans headquarters in San Carlos (1250 San Carlos Avenue), at most Safeway stores in San Mateo County and at the Safeway stores at 4950 Mission St. and 3350 Mission St. in San Francisco, and other SamTrans sales outlets.  The tickets may be used on all regular SamTrans bus routes and carry a local-ride value.  Multiple tickets can be combined for higher-value routes, however, a reimbursement will not be issued.  The tickets may not be used to purchase Day passes and don't expire.

Ticket Package Prices (10 Local-ride tickets per package)
Eligible Discount - $11.00
Youth - $11.00
Adult - $22.50

For assistance with trip planning such as stops, routes and times, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-660-4287.

Please notify Customer Experience Team of your travel plans within nine business days before your trip.


5/13/22 LWC