US-101 is a key piece of the transportation network connecting communities in San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the South Bay. However, US-101 is not moving as many people as it could, travel time is unpredictable, congestion is worsening, and it is causing public health burdens and mobility constraints for nearby communities. 

SamTrans is participating in the US-101 Mobility Action Plan (MAP), a multi-county effort to address these problems and develop programs and policies intended to maximize the benefits of planned infrastructure projects. A key outcome of MAP is a set of near-term policy changes or Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs that serve the region equitably and support the project goals. The project goals are: 1) offer reliable travel time for travelers; 2) prioritize high-capacity mobility options; and 3) foster healthy and sustainable communities near the freeway. 

The MAP team is seeking ideas and input from public transit agencies, employers, advocates, residents, and other stakeholders in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties. The final product of Phase I and recommendations for next steps will be finalized in early 2020. 

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