SamTrans Fare Study

The purpose of the SamTrans fare study is to assess how its current riders understand the existing fare structure, their impressions of the different fare products, and their sensitivity to fare changes, in order to develop fare policy that is consistent with the agency’s goals. The study will provide an outlook on whether the current fare structure is effective in meeting SamTrans’ goals of increasing ridership and revenue while balancing this with equity and maintaining a service that is affordable for its primary customer base.

While SamTrans has undertaken several efforts to revamp its bus services to attract more riders, including an ongoing study of new express bus services on US 101, SamTrans staff have identified the need for a comprehensive study of the current fare structure, in order to establish a fare policy that:

  1. Will, over time, generate growing revenues for the District;
  2. Optimize the balance between ridership and revenue;
  3. Employ transparent, logical, and data-driven decision making when proposing future fare changes; and
  4. Be simple to understand, administer, and justify.

The survey portion of the SamTrans Fare Study is closed. Thank you for participating.