SamTrans Short Range Transit Plan (FY2023-28)

An update of the SamTrans Short Range Transit Plan for fiscal years 2023-28 is under development by SamTrans beginning in March 2022.

In compliance with requirements set forth by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), SamTrans is currently updating its five-year Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) for upcoming fiscal years 2023 – 2028. Major components of the SRTP include: 

  • A general system overview of the fixed-route and paratransit services;  

  • A review of pre-pandemic state of service (FY2019); 

  • Overview of current state of service (FY2023); and 

  • Presentation of potential operating service plans for upcoming FY2024 – FY2028 under four different financial scenarios.

MTC requires that each transit operator that receives federal funding through the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), prepare, adopt, and submit to MTC an SRTP on a recurring basis. The previous SRTP update was completed in 2019 and covered a planning horizon from FY2019 to FY2028. 

At the November 2, 2022 meeting, staff will present a draft version of the SRTP for the Board’s input and comments. Staff will return to the December 7 meeting to seek the Board’s approval of the final SRTP, with final submittal to MTC by December 29, 2022.