The SamTrans Planning and Development Division is committed to improving the quality of life of San
Mateo County by ensuring integrated land use and transportation planning. 

Real Estate and Property Development 

The Real Estate and Property Development team focuses on property management, acquisition of property
to support capital projects, and transit-oriented development


The Planning team is responsible for the development of transportation plans,
strategic plans, short-range transit plans, area-specific plans, and the scheduling and
evaluation of fixed-route bus transportation for SamTrans. 

SamTrans 2020 Bus
El Camino Real Bus Speed and Reliability Study
The El Camino Real Bus Speed and Reliability Study (ECR Study) analyzes the impact of slowdow...
The Dumbarton Corridor
TSP Picture
El Camino Real Transit Signal Priority Project

Reimagine SamTrans
Reimagine SamTrans is a comprehensive operational analysis (COA) project to evaluate and ref...