Helpful Rider Tips

See below for a list of the most popular tips from our Bus Operators.

  • When the bus approaches your stop (especially at night), wave at the bus operator so they know you want to be picked up.​

  • Board from the front and exit out the back.​

  • Move towards the back to make room for others if able.​

  • Watch and listen for announcements and notices onboard the bus.​

  • Take all your belongings with you. If you forget something on the bus, report it at​

  • Cyclists are encouraged to let operators know they need to retrieve their bikes.

  • After exiting, wait until the bus pulls away from the stop before crossing the street.​

Here are some tips to make your ride safe, clean and pleasant​:

  • For your safety, use handrails and seatback handles when walking to the door or changing seats.​

  • Keep your backpack, bags and other belongings out of the aisle to keep the path clear and safe.​

  • Don’t put dirty items on seats, including your shoes.​

  • Take your trash with you.​

  • Use earphones to keep noise pollution onboard to a minimum.​

  • If you see a suspicious package, don’t touch it. Tell the operator or call the Transit Police at 877-723-7245.​

Enjoy your ride!