SamTrans Board of Directors Authorizes Repayment of Caltrain Right of Way Funds from Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Media Contact: Mahmoud Abunie, 650-730-6201

SamTrans Board of Directors has authorized the receipt of $7 million in Federal funds from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as part of the Caltrain Right of Way (ROW) repayment. The funds will be used for maintenance to keep the SamTrans bus fleet in a state of good repair that would otherwise be funded by District sales tax revenue.

The member agencies of the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) and MTC made agreements in 2008 to repay funds the District had advanced to cover the local share for purchase of the Caltrain ROW in 1991. While some funds were repaid, the District was still owed a balance of $19.6 million. As part of the Caltrain governance settlement amongst the JPB member agencies, it was agreed that this remaining balance would need to be repaid. At the June 2022 meeting, MTC programmed $19.6 million to the District as follows: $8 million in State Transit Assistance (STA) funds, $7 million in Federal One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) program funds and $4.6 million in State Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) funds.

"We are grateful to finally see an affirmative resolution for this agreement. It was a cooperative effort to get this accomplished."-Peter Ratto, SamTrans Board Chair

The Board previously authorized staff at the July 2022 District Board meeting to request the $8 million in STA funds, as part of its annual claim to MTC. The Board will consider the receipt of the last increment of funding from MTC, the $4.6 million in LCTOP funds, later in calendar year 2022. 


About SamTrans: SamTrans operates 70 routes throughout San Mateo County. Funded in part by a half-cent sales tax, the San Mateo County Transit District also provides administrative support for Caltrain and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. SamTrans has provided bus service to San Mateo County customers since 1976.

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