Phase Milestone Timeline
PHASE I Project Launch Summer 2019
Existing conditions and public outreach; analyze the current state of the SamTrans bus system; conduct market research on what riders and potential riders want out of SamTrans bus service. Fall 2019 – Winter 2020
Reimagine SamTrans on hold due to COVID-19 impact to ridership and need for responsive planning. Spring – Summer 2020
Develop a service policy framework with guiding principles and service design guidelines for how SamTrans will plan bus service. Fall 2020
Develop three bus system alternatives, with up to three potential changes for each route in the system. Fall 2020 – Winter 2021
PHASE II Public outreach; receive input on three alternative route systems with details on each individual route. Spring 2021
Develop a recommended bus system based on input. Summer 2021
PHASE III Public outreach; conduct outreach on a single recommended bus system; refine and develop plan for implementing new bus system. Fall 2021
Conduct CEQA and Title VI analysis. Winter 2022
SamTrans Board adoption of new bus system. Winter 2022
Begin phased implementation of changes to bus system. Summer 2022