The Bus Stop Improvement Plan (BSIP) identifies bus stop features and amenities that SamTrans riders, local governments, and community members value, and lays out a plan for improving bus stops across the SamTrans network.

Bus stops are the gateway to SamTrans. In this project, SamTrans is gathering input from local governments, neighbors and the riding public to learn which bus stop improvements matter most to the communities SamTrans serves. The BSIP focuses on the comfort and experience of using and accessing bus stops, including amenities, as well as operational improvements to the stops.

The BSIP has created new Bus Stop Design Guidelines, and will help guide future investments in bus stops, and clarify processes for local governments when working with SamTrans to improve bus stops and amenities. 


The draft final project materials are now available: 

Draft Executive Summary | Draft Full Report | Bus Stop Design Guidelines


More information: Fact sheetHoja informativa | 情况介绍



There are approximately 1,800 bus stops that are owned and managed by multiple cities across the SamTrans service area. SamTrans owns fewer than five of these bus stops and has encroachment permits issued by cities for bus shelters. Installing, maintaining, and improving bus stops can be complicated and requires coordination with SamTrans’ local government partners.

As part of the BSIP project, SamTrans is taking an inventory of bus stops in the SamTrans service area and engaging with city staff to understand existing processes and barriers to making bus stop improvements. SamTrans will use feedback from city staff to clarify roles and responsibilities and develop a system for coordinating bus stop improvements between the cities and SamTrans.

Depending on the unique conditions of each stop, improvements could include: 

  • Adding benches and shelters
  • Displaying real-time arrival information
  • Improving boarding areas
  • Enhancing lighting
  • Installing trash receptacles

3/1/2023 SamTrans Board of Directors Meeting - Project Introduction

4/20/2023 BSIP Community Meeting

10/4/2023 SamTrans Board of Directors Meeting - Project Update

4/3/2024 SamTrans Board of Directors Meeting - Final Project Update

Summer - Winter 2022: Existing Conditions

  • Literature review
  • Peer agency interviews
  • Bus stop inventory
  • Engagement with city staff 

Winter - Spring 2023: Bus Stop Guidelines

  • Policy review
  • Bus stop typologies
  • Design specs
  • Rider survey and listening sessions
  • Stakeholder engagement

Spring - Summer 2023: Improvement Analysis

  • Identify and prioritize improvements

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024: Implementation Plan

  • Phasing approach
  • Funding strategy
  • Final plan
  • Engagement with city staff