In Summer 2023, the San Mateo County Transit District (District) embarked on a strategic planning process to guide the District’s organizational policy, investment decisions and priorities for the next 10 years (fiscal years 2025 to 2035). The District Strategic Plan will refine the District’s mission and vision, establish core values, goals, objectives, and metrics for success, and align the District’s plans, programs and services to achieve a common vision.

The District Strategic Plan will guide service delivery and investments and consider policies and programs to improve the District as a workplace and employer. The District Strategic Plan will not include a strategic vision for Caltrain service (see Caltrain Business Plan) or San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) project delivery (see SMCTA Strategic Plan 2020-2024).

Information on the previous District Strategic Plan can be found here.
District Strategic Plan Project Goals

The new District Strategic Plan will:

  • Establish clear policy direction for the District and SamTrans for the next 10 years (fiscal years 2025-2035).
  • Provide the framework to align future projects, programs and investments with the organization’s strategic vision, mission, core values and goals.
  • Help the District and SamTrans better serve our riders and the people of San Mateo County.
  • Create a dynamic and supportive workplace that is informed by the needs and priorities of employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Be informed by the perspectives of customers, constituents, and other stakeholders.

The District Strategic Plan Project includes four major components, including:

  • Strategic Plan: Sets the mission, vision, core values, and goals for the District. Establishes objectives, initiatives, and metrics to advance goals and measure progress.
  • Financial Forecasts: Updates the District’s financial forecast, including projected operational and capital costs and future funding levels
  • Measure W Budget Framework: Establishes priority uses of Measure W sales tax funds, consistent with the Measure W Core Principles and aligned with the Strategic Plan
  • Capital Improvement Program: Establishes a comprehensive capital program that meets regulatory and legal mandates, achieves state of good repair, and advances priority projects and initiatives consistent with the Strategic Plan and Measure W Budget Framework

Strategic Planning

District Strategic Plan Schedule

The Draft District Strategic Plan is anticipated to be available for public review in summer 2024. See below for the tentative stakeholder engagement schedule.

Strategic Plan Schedule

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