#SamTrans Tweets of the Year

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Each week we select the most informative or funny tweets about SamTrans in our Tweets of the Week feature. At the end of the year we select the tweets of the year. We are proud to present the 215 Tweets of the Year, written by SamTrans riders. 2015 Runners Up

It's the samtrans party bus! With Elvis!... Because all the kids love Elvis... pic.twitter.com/iddk14GPge

— Gretchen Curtis (@gretcurtis) May 22, 2015

Ranks amongst top airport transport bargains in the world the SamTrans 292 to City for $2

— Don Sheu 許家豪 (@ulysseas) March 10, 2015

dude the hold music on samtrans customer service is beautiful

— rachel anne (@pharaohchae) September 23, 2015

Dang, I didn't realize how efficient Samtrans is. Took me from SFO to California Dr in Burlingame in no time.

— Kenny Brown (@evilbrain_67) November 14, 2015

2015 SamTrans Tweet of the Year Flattery will get you all over San Mateo County. Or at least a Tweet of the Year.

sometimes I miss taking samtrans... #cutedrivers https://t.co/T4jQI4z4ci

— bbtm (@xomgvickyy) August 7, 2015