New bike racks on SamTrans buses can handle larger tires and e-bikes

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The front of a SamTrans bus with a new bike rack.


A growing number of SamTrans buses are being outfitted with updated bicycle racks that can handle the wider tires seen on many current models of electric and standard bikes.  

Maintenance crews have already installed nearly a dozen new racks, including on the latest generation of battery-electric buses (BEBs) that are entering the fleet. All new SamTrans buses will be outfitted with the larger racks, according to Manager of Bus Operations Kristopher Longa. He says the updated versions will also be added to older coaches when their racks need replacing. 

“Electric bikes are growing in popularity, and we’re seeing more passengers who would benefit from these larger racks,” said Longa. “We think this an opportunity to encourage the use of various forms of greener transportation along the Peninsula, including the combination of e-bikes and buses.” 

While e-bikes are allowed on all SamTrans bike racks that can accommodate them, they are not allowed to be brought on board the buses. SamTrans bicycle rules state that motor-powered forms of transportation — including e-bikes, scooters and skateboards — are forbidden within the bus. 

Regular bikes can be brought on board when the exterior racks are full, however, this is only allowed when the passenger load is below 50%.