#SamTrans Social News, June 3, 2016

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SamTrans Tweets of the Week Does that mean we need to check the bus?

Im on this samtrans feelin like im in dragon ball z

— kevin (@kev4mvp) June 3, 2016

Who are you to decide who gets to exist and not exist?

It's complicated to explain, but I saw a samtrans bus drop off a passenger that shouldn't have existed.

— Mason Powell (@MasonPowellsez) May 29, 2016

Only if they're not currently on fire or exploding.

Wonder if @VTA & @Caltrain / @SamTrans_News allow hoverboards on their vehicles... https://t.co/4RpYZKbZxW

— SV Trans. Users (@svtransitusers) May 29, 2016

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