On the Move – Route 112: A Fog-Free Foray

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By Dan Lieberman,

Something magical happened to me on this trip. I got on a bus in Pacifica, took it to Colma, and I didn’t see any fog the whole time. Normally, these communities, lovely that they are, are encased under a near-permanent wall of gray. The only reasonable conclusion one can draw from this miracle is that Route 112 is magic. So do your part and ride this bus on the regular so the children of Pacifica and Daly City get to see the sun for once. Here are 10 things to do on the 112:

  1. Park and Ride – Looking to get out of Pacifica? The Linda Mar Park and Ride makes it easy. You can park for free and catch a bus down to Half Moon Bay, over to Daly City and Colma or to BART. If you’re looking to get out of town, this is an easy and accessible place to start.
  2. See a unique Taco Bell – My interest in Taco Bell is directly correlated with my level of sobriety. That said, Pacifica’s Taco Bell is special in a way that deserves praise. Located at Pacifica State Beach, it offers a walk-thru window, something you will find at no other Taco Bell. If you can think of a more 2018 Californian moment than eating Taco Bell on a beach, I’d like to hear it.
  3. Have some ceviche – I have a strongly pro-Peruvian food agenda, and I am here to push it on you. Asian and European influences meet South American ingredients, allowing one menu to contain raw fish, paella, stir fries and pasta and have them all taste good. Take a ride to Puerto 27, eat well, and keep ordering Pisco Sours until you realize how funny the word “pisco” is.
  4. Or some barbecue – San Mateo County is a wonderful place to be a foodie, but proper American barbecue isn’t our strong suit. Thankfully for you, I’ve done my research and I’m happy to share. Gorilla Barbecue sits staring out at the Pacific Ocean, and is the place to fall into a smoky, saucy meat coma.
  5. Golf – I am bad at golfing, in all its forms. I had a traumatic experience involving a windmill on a mini golf course when I was six and I’ve never fully recovered (it just kept spinning). But if you’re not similarly burdened (it was like it was trying to stop my ball from going to the hole) Sharp Park offers 6,300 yards of greens and a Par 72 for you to wear absurdly patterned pants and hit tiny balls with crooked sticks.
  6. Ride a moose – I’ve been informed the Moose Lodge doesn’t actually offer moose rides (and I’m not happy about it). That said, the Loyal Order of Moose does offer dancing, karaoke and a full bar, and is rentable for events. I don’t know how you do karaoke, but the way I do it works well with a designated driver that only costs $2.25.
  7. Become a sushi chef Stuckey’s Sustainable is a hidden gem filled with sushi grade seafood, in addition to exotic meats and an array of homemade delicacies. Better still, they also have a liberal policy when it comes to free samples. So get some good salmon, sharpen up your knives, and give that Jiro fella a run for his money.
  8. Get a cup of coffee – The bar for coffee snobbery is pretty high these days. We all know that person responds to your invite to Starbucks like you offered an opportunity to eat a live puppy. Even Philz is getting too easily accessible to be properly exclusive anymore. Enter Kizler Coffee, so underground they don’t have a website. Pop in for a cup of cold brew and see if that shakes out the cobwebs in your brain.
  9. Heal thyself – This route will drop you at either the Chinese Hospital Outpatient Center or the Physicians Medical Center. Provided you don’t have an injury more suited to an ambulance, we’re happy to put you on the path to wellness.
  10. BART – The 112 reaches its terminus at the Colma BART Station, connecting you to the Bay Area at large. So go have a proper burrito in the Mission, see Black Panther with Ryan Coogler at his home theater or whatever else in the wide world of transit you want to do.


On the Move is a monthly blog feature highlighting places to go and things to see on SamTrans bus routes. If you have a suggestion for a future route, please email Public Information Officer Dan Lieberman at liebermand@samtrans.com