Older Americans Celebrated by SamTrans This May

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SamTrans wants to remind seniors this May that we’re here to help you with many of life’s daily travel needs. May is Older Americans Month and the perfect time to connect with a SamTrans mobility volunteers who will meet one-on-one to explain the ins-and-outs of riding a bus. 

The process is simple and fun! You and a volunteer will coordinate a day and time to meet up at a bus stop. Once there, you’ll have questions answered about boarding and paying, where to sit (there’s priority senior seating up at the front), where to get off, and other common bus-related topics. You’ll be turned into an expert bus passenger in no time!.

“Lots of seniors use our buses, trains and paratransit service to get to work, school, shopping, errands and to visit friends,” said SamTrans Accessibility Manager Tina Dubost. “We connect you with the world.”

Dubost also said SamTrans is now looking for a coordinator to run the district’s Senior and Veteran Mobility Program. You can apply for that and other SamTrans jobs right here.

For more information about the SamTrans mobility program, please call 1-800-660-4287 (TTY 650-508-6448) or visit https://www.samtrans.com/riderinformation/Seniors.html.