Reimagine SamTrans

Reimagine SamTrans

Background and Summary

Reimagine SamTrans is a plan to redesign the entire SamTrans bus system. Since 2019, SamTrans has conducted three rounds of public outreach, as well as existing conditions evaluation and market research. Three alternative SamTrans networks with potential service changes were developed in Winter 2021 and made public for community input during Spring 2021.

A final proposed network was developed in Summer 2021, followed by a final round of public input in Fall 2021. SamTrans staff carefully considered all the input received and made some adjustments to the final recommended network based on public and stakeholder input.

The recommended new bus system is designed to:

  • Prioritize Equity - Prioritize buses to high-need communities from underused and duplicate routes
  • Improve Efficiency – Create faster, reliable service through more direct and consolidated routes
  • Expand Connections – Provide expanded all-day service, and more service to transit hubs and job center

The recommended new bus network includes changes to many existing routes in the SamTrans system, including the streets the routes operate on and the frequency, days and hours of operation. Implementation of the final network is anticipated to occur over multiple phases beginning in Summer 2022.

Additional information on Reimagine SamTrans, as well as the details of the final recommended network, can be found on the website at

Environmental Documents

  1. Draft Initial Study / Negative Declaration
  2. Notice of Availability and Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

Information to Provide Comments

Comments may be submitted during the period of January 4 - 24, 2022.

Comments in writing on the Draft Initial Study/ Negative Declaration can also be sent to:

Hilda Lafebre, SamTrans
1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070