San Francisco International Airport

SamTrans provides numerous connections to SFO from San Mateo County and San Francisco around the clock! website

  • Routes 292, 397, 398, and late night ECR stop directly at the Airport terminals.
  • Routes 140, 292 and 397 stop at the Rental Car Center and the United Airlines Maintenance Center.
  • Routes 292 and 397 stop on North McDonnell Road at the Airport Business Center and West Field Road.

At the terminals, SamTrans buses stop at:

  • Terminal 2: Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level, center island adjacent to Courtyard 2
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level, curbside adjacent to Courtyard 4
  • International Terminal: Level 1 at Courtyard A and curbside adjacent to Courtyard G

For additional information, please visit the SFO website listing the public transit options HERE

Additional Regional Airport Information:

San Jose Airport

From Santa Clara Caltrain Station take VTA Route 60to airport.

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