Reimagine SamTrans – Implementation


Getting around San Mateo County just got better.

Students Reading Book on Bus
You spoke, we listened...

…and now we've taken action. In March 2022, the SamTrans Board of Directors approved a set of changes to the SamTrans bus network through a project known as Reimagine SamTrans. This new network was crafted after careful consideration of what we heard from the public, from over 200 outreach meetings and thousands of comments and survey responses over the course of two and a half years.

We are now using this valuable input to implement a new, streamlined bus network with:

  • Brand new routes and connections
  • Faster and more direct routes
  • Simpler, easier to understand routes
  • Continually improving frequency

New Routes: New local Route 142 now serves some areas previously served by Routes 140 and 141. Existing school-oriented service on Routes 110, 112, 130, 140, 141, 250, 251, 278 and 286 will continue to be provided on the following new Routes 10, 12, 30, 40, 41, 42, 50, 51, 78 and 86

Consolidated Routes: Local Routes 274, 275 and 278 were consolidated into Route 278. Local Routes 251 and 256 were consolidated into a revised Route 251. SamTrans consolidated school-oriented Routes 39, 55, 95 and 84 into Routes 37, 53, 61 and 83, respectively. In each case, two existing school-oriented routes became one route that serves more neighborhoods to the same schools. In some cases, this would result in a longer ride for some students, but service to almost all areas with existing ridership is still available.

Eliminated Routes: Local Route 140 was eliminated and replaced by service on Routes 141 and 142. School-oriented Route 80 was eliminated. Morning service on school-oriented Routes 85 and 87 has been discontinued.


But it doesn't stop there.

With these August 7th changes we have further implemented the full Reimagine SamTrans service plan. Future phases of implementation will include:

  • Improved frequency on 15 routes systemwide
  • More service on weekends and during midday or evening times on 10 routes
  • New routes to San Mateo County community colleges
  • New on-demand service areas

SamTrans is recruiting additional bus operators so we can implement the full Reimagine SamTrans service vision! Come join us to help deliver these exciting new services. Interested in becoming a bus operator? Click here.